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Top 10 Tips for a Successful VW Campervan Adventure

Creating your own Campervan Adventure is like any camping trip in that keeping it easy, straightforward and well thought out makes a big difference to the success of your trip.

1. Keep It Simple

If its your first time on a campervan trip then its important to keep it simple. Remember its meant to be holiday so driving for 6 hours from Portsmouth to St Ives for a weekend trip is not relaxing. Chilling out in the great outdoors, looking forward to a comfortable nights sleep is what its meant to be about not stuck in traffic for hours on end! There so many beautiful National Parks, beaches and quaint villages right on our doorstep so sample these and get used to campervan life first.

2. Plan Ahead

Its important not only to book your campervan in good time but also to book campsites in advance. Popular campsites do get booked up early so make sure you book your home for the night as soon as possible! We often see hirers turn up planning to wing it and not wanting to be tied down but in busy months at least book your first night so that you have a relaxed beginning to your adventure.

3. Enjoy Life in the Slow Lane