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The Incredible Benefits of Camping

We’re not just talking about the standard benefits of being on a holiday and away from work. We’ve all heard for the past few years of the benefits of getting outdoors more. Switching off our phones and getting fresh air. Camping makes all these things so easy, gives you a bit of an adventure (which is good for the soul) and time away from all the worries of our everyday lives.

1. Camping helps with problem solving

Sometimes camping and its associated activities present you with challenges; some that not even the internet can reliably solve!

Often these are challenges not encountered on a daily basis: How to set up a tent or deal with scenarios where you aren’t armed with mod-cons or familiar surrounds.

In addition, camping often introduces you to new experiences, possibly an activity you’ve been meaning to try but have never got around to.

Whatever the case, there is plenty of research that suggests tackling new challenges and experiences can keep our brains healthy, as they force us to think for ourselves. Better yet, they can enhance self-confidence, growth, and happiness, too.

2. Camping can help you sleep better

Research has found that camping can reset our biological clocks and help those of us who find it tough to get to sleep and/or wake up in the morning.

In short, it’s a result of the increased use of artificial light in our daily lives and the fact that camping can help us to adjust to the natural light-dark cycle if we're given that chance.

Receiving adequate sleep has long been touted as critical to our overall health and wellbeing. Plus, aren’t we all much better company when we aren’t tired and grumpy?!

3. Camping can lead to increased exercise

If your daily routine entails long periods being seated, chances are your opportunities to exercise are limited. The solution? Go camping.

While camping, you will likely explore new surrounds; perhaps wandering through a nearby national park or cycling or kayaking.

This increased exercise has been well-documented – from the Heart Foundation to the Department of Health – as having myriad physical and mental benefits. These include combatting health problems and disease and improving your mood and energy levels.

Such a point is not limited to camping. Simply hit the road and escape the daily grind or your regular routine.

4. Camping is great for children’s education

Following the above point, camping can have direct positive impacts on children’s development. And in the age of smart phones and tablets and other technology, this is even more pertinent.

Many kids are likely more confident navigating their way around an iPad searching for Peppa pig videos, or watching YouTube, than they are navigating the inside of a tent.

Yet camping introduces children to a whole new world and asks of them an ability to overcome new problems and challenges.

Having exposure to a different set of challenges not only keeps kids’ brains healthy but leads to increased learning opportunities.

A UK study from the Institute of Education at Plymouth University found an overwhelming majority of parents believed that camping had a positive impact on a child's education. Further social commentary supports this claim.

5. Camping increases your vitamin D intake

Without even thinking about the physical benefits (for these see the NHS website here) of being in the sun and soaking up some Vitamin D, we all know that being in the sun makes us happy! Who doesn’t love waking to a blue sky and bright sunshine? When you’re camping you’ll be doing so much more outside than you would in your normal life. Cooking breakfast, showering, even just ‘hanging out’ is done outside, just think of all the goodness that Vitamin D is doing for you. Please just remember to wear sun protection!

6. Camping makes you happier

It's proven that spending time around trees makes you take in more oxygen. This in turn makes you release more serotonin, also known as the happy chemical. We all know that the air pollution levels in cities such as London and Brighton are high. Just a few days camping and you'll feel the benefits of the extra oxygen and low levels of pollution.

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